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Jake was just a kid when his frustrated teacher lashed out at him about his oral report. It was embarrassing as she sharply criticized him in front of all his classmates. Being kids, many of them giggled, only making young Jake feel worse.

All that was decades ago, but Jake still has a hard time getting up in front of a group.

Next week he has the opportunity to make a presentation to an important corporate management team. If he’s successful, Jake’s efforts will snag is million dollar contract that could take his company to the next level.

But as the date approaches, Jake finds he’s practically shaking, terrified of standing up before the others and talking about what his service can do for them.

Difficult Memories Stand In Your Way

If Jake’s experience seems a bit familiar, it’s because we ALL have negative memories that weight on our mind.

Sometimes they are long forgotten experiences that subconsciously hold us back, keep us from dreaming, prevent us from fulfilling our true potential, or stop us from succeeding.

It’s a sure bet the woman or man who is stuck in place, not moving forward, and giving up their dreams is doing so because they are being held at a standstill by some trauma.

I Help You Create a Powerful New Reality

Scientists tell us humans remember bad experiences because they protect us from danger. Or at least that’s the way it worked back in prehistoric times.

Today those bad days simply serve to make us over cautious, keep us from fully believing in ourselves, or having the courage and motivation to finally achieve our most challenging dreams.

Don’t let those things define you. We create your positive new reality where all the important things are easily possible.

Where Do You Want to Be?

I start by helping you define and visualize your new reality. We begin the very doable process of removing mental blocks and freeing your thoughts to take on any challenge you wish.

You will easily discover the exact thing that has been holding you back, then chart a surefire course for moving forward in your life.

This is the expert lead self help program anyone can do in their free time. It’s recommended for busy people who are stressed in their current lives, wish they could accomplish more, and are eager to take positive steps forward.

You owe this to yourself, your loved ones, and your exciting new future.

Let’s Do This!

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The Power of Transformation Virtual Coaching Program - Dr. Asha Prasad

Here’s everything you’ll be learning inside of The Power of Transformation:

Module 1: Am I Where I Want to Be

Module 1: Am I Where I Want to Be

How satisfied are you with your life? Is this the life that you want? The career that you want? The relationships or the hobbies that you want? We’re going to identify this in this section so that you can get your foundations in order.

Module 2: What is Holding Me Back?

Module 2: What is Holding Me Back?

What is really motivating your choices? Is it money or the need for external approval? Maybe it could be your childhood experiences, your upbringing, or maybe there’s certain expectations that you hold yourself to? We’re going to discover what defines the decisions that we make.
Module 3: What Have I Learned?

Module 3: What Have I Learned?

In this module, learn how to take your past experiences and bring them into today.
Module 4: What Is My Why?

Module 4: What Is My Why?

Learn about what gives you purpose in life so that you can always have that as your shining star
Module 5: What Comes Next?

Module 5: What Comes Next?

Are you satisfied with the return of the status quo? For example, are you satisfied with returning to exactly the same job that you’ve had that you found out during this time that you don’t like, or maybe the relationships or whatever it is, are you satisfied with your health and wealth and wellbeing? Take this module so that you can find direction with what to do next.
The Chrysalis Awakening Workbook - Dr. Asha Prasad

Bonus: The Chrysalis Awakening Workbook (PDF)

Plus, order now, and you’ll also receive a workbook to go alongside the program so that you can maximize your results!

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