I know it can be difficult to always be positive or see the bright side of things. 

Speaking from personal experience, it is not always possible. 

However, I know when we learn new ways of doing things and put those into actions, we have a much better chance and succeeding more often than if we do nothing.

Taking Control in Your Own Life

I am here to help you stay on track and start building the skills to help you transform your thoughts to a positive mindset and help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

The tools that are part of this 5 day challenge are tools that I have used in my own personal and professional life which has allowed me to be where I am today.

About Dr. Asha Prasad

I am excited to be your new coach!

Just like you, I used to struggle with managing my own mindset. I had to learn how to do it on my own and not let the noise of the outside world influence my journey.

I really started paying more attention to my mindset and becoming more conscious of how it was impacting my life after going through some of the hardest times in my personal and professional life.

I was at a point where I thought everything was falling apart, but then in the midst of that, I gained clarity.  It was as if someone had turned the light bulb on and I realized that even though I couldn’t control the external things that were happening, I could learn to master my thoughts.

I embarked on a journey of learning and applying what I was learning and I started to see changes… positive changes.

I began helping others as a healthcare practitioner and eventually as a coach, mentor and educator. 

This experience helped me shift my perspective in order to help you on your journey. 

It hasn’t always been easy, and I have had many struggles and failures just like the next person. But one of my greatest joys of all the experiences (good and bad), knowledge that I have acquired is to be able to pass it on to others to help them experience true transformation, positivity and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. 

This 5 Days to Positive Mindset Challenge is all about you taking control in your own life in whatever way you want to.

Everybody’s journey is different and unique.

What is Included

Each day of the challenge you will receive: 

So keep an open mind and let us get started.

$116 One Time Payment

5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge with Dr. Asha Prasad

Here’s everything you’ll be learning:

5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge Day 1

Day 1: What is A Positive Mindset?

You are going to learn what exactly a positive mindset is, why it matters and some distinctive characteristics of positivity. This will give you the foundation of how you can start to observe your thoughts from a different perspective. When we begin to lay the foundation of looking through a different lens, our entire world begins to change in a positive way.
5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Benefits of Positivity

Learn why training yourself every day towards positivity benefits you. It will benefit much more than just the way you think, but it will help your personal life, relationships, business life and the overall quality of your life. We are at the center of our world and as we change, we get to change the world around us as well and have a positive impact.
5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Attitude of Gratitude

Learn how to integrate gratitude and gratefulness throughout your day. It is one of the cornerstones to experiencing success in anything you do. Being grateful and thankful for everything in your life is essential to transforming your mindset. Focusing on all that is well and going right for you will help you deal with any changes or challenges that come your way.
5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Self-Talk

Where does your inner voice come from, how do you manage it and have it work for you rather than against you. Using techniques such as affirmations and focused self-talk can alter your entire brain chemistry to building new ways of thinking and living. We can learn how to change our default setting to view situations from a positive lens.
5 Days to a Positive Mindset Challenge Day 5

Day 5: Growth Mindset

There is a famous saying “You are either growing or dying”. Well, when we learn to shift to a growth mindset by doing something each and every day, we get to experience more of life. As we grow, we accomplish new things and have a sense of pride in our own abilities. It gives us hope and something to look forward to.

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